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Animal Food Premix


Increases the amount of omega-3 in the meat and makes it tastier and healthier, improve the appearance of the chicken, prevents osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

1 tablespoon per day


Milk contains more omega-3 acids and less saturated fats, increase energy density, reduce dust, eliminate fines and aid in processing such as pelleting

12-14 % for cattle per day


Develops colour of the feathers, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties, prevents atherosclerosis in most birds, general Well-Being and growth performance promoted, greater amount of energy

3-4% of their daily food


Anti-inflammatory properties, lower blood pressuer, improve kidney health, healthy skin and coat, can help in cancer prevention, improve immune system

1 teaspoon / 1 tablespoon per day


Health benefits for hair and coat, joints and soft tissues, the immune system, circulation and vascular health, normal gastrointestinal function, sperm motility and viable count, normal hoof growth

50-500 gr per day


Improve production performance and feed efficiency , enriches the concentration of antimicrobials in ruminant’s milk, increase of enterodiol and enterolactone concentrations in sheep plasma and milk

50-150 gr per day

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