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Product Forms

B2C & B2B

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Frozen Sprouted  Flaxseed

From superfood supplement to super meal through the door of the freezer


Different size of packaging is suitable for B2B and B2C channels


A wonderful alternative to rice and many other grains. Gluten free, with delicious nutty flavor. Frozen flaxseed should be present in the freezers of every public kitchen, every home.

It should be used as a base to main dish or simply as a full meal.

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Dried Sprouted Flaxseed

Full fat or low fat products are available


The dried product is obtained by drying the seeds after 100 hrs of sprouting in a special drum dryer at a gentle temperature to keep the micronutrients intact.

Common products are:

  • Whole dried sprouted seeds

  • Coarse sprouted flaxseed flour

Sprouted seeds sml.jpg

Final Products

Sprouted flaxseed is already used as the main ingredient in quite a few final products: spreads, sources, granola, energy bars.


Safety from cyanide poison and microbiological hazards make the final products with sprouted flaxseed a safe and reliable source of dietary fiber, Omega3, protein, abundant minerals and great taste for kids, adults and elders, people with various special needs in food like gluten, nut, dairy intolerance, diabetes.

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