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Sprouted Flaxseed
for Public Kitchens

Dietary food for daily basics

Full nutrion profile for active growth stage 

Fish replacement for vegans

Complex of proteins, Omega 3 and Minerals)

Source of dietary fiber 

Flaxseed contains 3 time more fiber than lentils and beans. 

Low budget solution

Nutrition value of fish in flaxseed is 7 times cheaper than in fish itself,

1 g of dietary fiber in flaxseed is 2-3 times cheaper than that in vegetables


Kindergartens Schools


Nursing homes

A base for special diets

Diabetic diet. Sprouted flaxseed promotes blood sugar control (1, 2)

Improved digestion for people with limited physical activity. Flaxseed  increases motility in colon and makes it much easier for the food to pass through the guts.

Nutrition for elder people. 30 g of  flaxseed served to adults of 45-64 years old resulted in reduction of inflammation and aging slow down (3)

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