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100 hr
Sprouted Flaxseed

From Premium superfood to accessible & affordable
daily meal for 10 bln people in 2030

Sprout Dynamics is a torpedo solution to malnutrition & world hunger.

Dynamic 100 hour sprouting is our AI controlled fully automated warrant for safety from common flaxseed issues like salmonella, e.coli and cyanide.

Sprouted wonder seed
vs. malnutrition

Now safe, flaxseed can be used as a main dish instead of rice, potatoes, pasta, grilled vegetables, as a base ingredients on a plate.
It provides satiety for same long time as meat or fatty fish. Its nutrition profile is a miracle full meal.

Why flaxseed

% daily intake = 1 portion 120g of sprouted fresh flaxseed

To eat or NOT to eat?

100 hr dynamic sprouting makes it 100% safe for eating a full plate as main dish! 

Unsprouted flaxseed contains up to 6.5g of cyanide in 1kg.
1 table spoon of such seeds is enough to kill a child...


From now on mass production of safe sprouted  flaxseed is possible with Sprout Dynamics


Food safety - AI control of dynamic sprouting process guarantees zero risk of salmonella, e.coli, listeria or cyanide food poisioning

Ready to eat - sprouted flaxseed is an ingredient that needs no cooking. People eat very little flaxseed because they don't know how...

Industrial volume - flaxseed is a challenging seed and sprouting 100 t/month before Sprout Dynamics was an impossible task

Sustainable for the planet - 1 kg of flaxseed requires 15x times less water than almond, emits <2 kg of CO2, neutral to animal diversity, non GMO, requires little to no pesticides

Product solutions for

Universality and diversity of product forms of long-sprouted seeds together with its miraculous nutrition value make flaxseed a perfect ingredient for humans and animals 
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