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Our key cases

кауфленд сеть_edited.jpg European retail

Sprout Dynamics has signed a contract with German hypermarket chain Kaufland in 2023 

Текст абзаца (2).png Swedish schools

Sprouted flax from Sprout Dynamics is supplied to schools in Sweden, one of the most conservative countries in Europe when it comes to school meals.


Photo from the Instagram feed of the chef of Lund City Primary School.

Текст абзаца (5).png food Science

Cyanide levels in flax, as in almonds, have always been a limitation for serious industrial use of these crops in the food industry.


In 2023, a breakthrough occurred!

Sprout Dynamics succeeded in reducing the cyanide content of sprouted flaxseed below the standard as a result of a specially developed method of industrial dynamic 100-hour germination.

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