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Sprout Dynamics is Tech Nordic Advocates family's choice

Our female founders Iryna Gavrylova de Garcia 🇺🇦 and Ksenia Zazhigina are participating a bootcamp organized by Tech Nordic Advocates for fast growing Nordic tech companies. It is an amazing flow of inspiration and confidence and training for Sprout Dynamics!

Mission possible! Sprout Dynamics is 1 of the 9 Danish startups selected to learn all the crazy things and fast growth techniques and join the Tech Nordic Advocates family.

One question's unanswered: Who's the lucky finance partner to put the saddle on the sprouting cash cow with us?!

Jeanette Carlsson, Christian Marcus, Emilia Bach, thank you for your heart and effort in making this happen!

We are proud to have been selected to be part of this program. It was worth postponing all the tasks and attending the bootcamp 🌱

Anticipating the next steps 🚀🇩🇰

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