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Danish DNA of Sprout Dynamics

Mette Mikkelsen has been appointed co-CEO of Denmark Sprout Dynamics

"Her core skill set is to develop the industry, not just the brand," commented Iryna Gavrylova de Garcia 🇺🇦, the company's CEO, on her appointment.

"I want to make the world a better place," says Mette, "and I just love that I can contribute to building such an awesome business with this declared goal! Not only am I a natural at bringing structure and processes into the picture, but I'm also thrilled to partake in achieving ambitious goals and working with an amazing team in doing so. I'm a true believer that the base of what you digest is key to your well-being in life so after having received chemotherapy 10 years back, superfoods are in my DNA - and healthy snacking is just my thing."

Mette Mikkelsen is a Danish, she is based in Copenhagen and she is an experienced manager who has worked, studied, and lived in Denmark and the Netherlands. The base of her academic background is in business administration and as such most of her professional life. Mette is also accomplished in international sales & marketing, IT systems implementation, and big-budget management.

She has a natural way of ensuring coherence from the strategic outlook to the operational side in a structured and systemic manner. All is done with a sharp eye on ever-optimizing procedures to form a solid business.

We at Sprout Dynamics are proud to start the summer with such a powerful new team member!

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