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Impossible Sprout Dynamics in San Francisco

Visiting Impossible Foods 🍔🍔🍔 labs was somewhat eye opening. Or, maybe, very eye opening )). Huge lab facilities that consist of chemistry, physics and gastronomy sections. Would Impossible ever be capable of the breakthrough they did for the whole plant based industry otherwise?... Collaborations with any external partners are often too slow and not sufficiently efficient to keep the buzz of the entrepreneur that sniffs and senses the direction and is impatient to check it NOW and kick up the new version asap.

We are grateful to Impossible Foods for the showcase in food biotech industry - perhaps its time to rename the company into All_Possible_🌱Foods)). It was a great pleasure to meet Laura Kliman, Rachel Fraser, Nate Gorence, Rick Green, Francesco Planchenstainer and Aneke Schwager in Impossible's cradle in California.

Besides being part of such an awesome group of people consisting of entrepreneurs, academicians and social engineers passionate about creating and developing healthy human ecosystems was an extremely rewarding experience itself.

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