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Our international commercial team

Mimi Dekker has been appointed Commercial Director of Sprout Dynamics

"Her core skill set is to develop the industry, not just the brand," commented Iryna Gavrylova de Garcia 🇺🇦, the company's CEO, on her appointment.

"My goal," stated Mimi, "is to transfer the successful experience of bio and health changes in Nordic school meals to the US, Germany as well as to other EU countries. This is a key point where my vision with Sprout Dynamics for the future is fully aligned."

Mimi is a Swedish organic food world hero of the last decade and an experienced manager who has worked, studied and lived in Sweden, Spain and the Netherlands. The topic of her academic dissertation was “Practical application of different health persuasion models” and so was most of her professional life. Mimi is also accomplished in international export and big-budget management.

She has an excellent international outlook and instinct for what the public influence market needs to build a profitable business.

As the Executive Director at Ekomatcentrum, Mimi has co-created an almost two-fold increase in consumption of organic products in the Swedish public sector within 10 years, from 20% to 38%.

"Mimi’s background and reputation will bring insights and new dimensions to our health product portfolio," said Iryna. - It will enable us to become more relevant to communities and countries where currently there is not such a strong focus on increasing healthy eating habits as there is in the Nordics."

Iryna commented, “When my partner Ksenia Zazhigina and I met with Mimi in November 2019 at Nordic Organic Food Fair before Sprout Dynamics even existed, we had a strong resonance in values and I knew immediately I’d be happy to work with this outstanding strong lady one day. The day has come and we are proudly shaking hands with Mimi!”

Sprout Dynamics proudly announces Mimi Dekker as our Nordic commerce visionary and director!

Koos Van Der Vlugt and Thomas (Tom) van der Vlugt join the team as sales managers in Sprout Dynamics

Sprout Dynamics announces its international commercial team, revealing ambitious plans for the future of sprouted flax and other sprouted seeds.

"We are an innovative company and at the same time we hire qualified people because seamless docking of new technologies with the old world requires experience and professionalism," said the company's CEO, Iryna Gavrylova de Garcia 🇺🇦.

Koos Van Der Vlugt and Thomas (Tom) van der Vlugt join the team as sales managers in Sprout Dynamics

"For Sprout Dynamics, it is important to collaborate with Koos and Thomas so that our innovations are sustainable and not only stay in the lab but also enter the mass market," commented Iryna.

Koos Van Der Vlugt is a specialist in building long-term supplier relationships with major retail and catering retailers: Coop Norden AB (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland), ICA Gruppen, Dansk, Kesko - K-Group (Sweden, Denmark, Finland), Dagab, Axfood, (Sweden), UNIL/NorgesGruppen (Norway), etc.

"We are happy to announce our cooperation with the Danish company Sprout Dynamics - the future sprouts market leader. We will use our knowledge about the markets to make sprouted flaxseed available for both consumers and B2B», — stated Koos.

For the past 40 years, he has been advising both manufacturers on retail compliance (IFS, CO2 emission, etc) and corporations on methods of attracting innovative products.

"We are dedicated to bringing this fantastic innovation to the retailers and food service industry!"

Thomas (Tom) van der Vlugt is an experienced sales manager with multinational project management experience who specializes in complex collaborative projects.

"Thomas' background and experience make him uniquely suited to provide documentary support for our B2B sales," explained this appointment the CEO of Sprout Dynamics - It is thanks to him that our future partnerships will match the corporate sustainability parameters of the major retailers as closely as possible."

By integrating the Van Der Vlugts as its Nordic+Dutch sales pioneers, Sprout Dynamics embraces the tradition and long-term relationships as a solution to its "hyper activity"of a young and dynamic innovative food biotech company. Even though this feature is a must-have for survival in the new times that are coming, it is also black listed and unwanted by most of the company's future important corporate partners.

Thomas and Koos are wise and precious assets to the team and Sprout Dynamics proudly announces them on duty as of now!

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