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Sprout Dynamics Grows with Google

Sprout Dynamics is one of the Danish startups to pitch at Grow with Google Pitch Day for Ukrainian founders in Denmark. Wish us luck in attracting the Danish investors dedicated to making money with better & healthier food! Dynamic sprouting stands for getting more nutrients while eating less food which fairly converts in bigger profits with smaller investment.

Sprouted seeds market is one of the most promising in the food system according with multiple market forecasts with the market size of EUR 4B today and expected to nearly triple within the next 10 years*

Sprout Dynamics' technology can produce the cheapest digestible dietary fiber in the modern food industry, alternative proteins, vegan Omega 3 components.

The industry giant Unilever included sprouts into the top 10 foods of the future selected based on their nutritional value and relative impact on the environment**

Special thanks to Dansk Iværksætter Forening, Niels Egelund, Hanne Breddam, Dora Brink Clausen, Michael J. Wiatr, Jacob Bratting Pedersen, Iryna Tereshchuk 🇺🇦 for making this event possible for the Ukrainians in Denmark.

Particular thanks to Invest in Denmark for inviting Sprout Dynamics to headquarter our technology in Denmark. It could have been a very complicated decision otherwise))

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