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New York meets Sprout Dynamics

Sprout Dynamics is proudly a member of Tech Nordic Advocates' US Trade Mission in NY. One of our most desired markets for sprouts as superfood because 35% of the category growth comes exclusively from the USA! Hunting for new business opportunities is always exciting!

Tech Nordic Advocates brings 28 Nordic #tech companies to New York City to meet and pitch to partners, clients and investors who can help them land and expand in New York City and the USA.

Meet the companies that have joined #TNA to tap into new opportunities for growth and innovation:

Audicin, Finland / Velbi, Finland / Lendwill, Norway / Superhood, Finland / Si6nal oy, Finland / HemmaKoti, Finland / GoMuseum. Denmark / SOENIA® Finland / Rotoy ApS, Denmark / SOBERISTI®​Finland / Breathplay, Finland / Moi Panda, Finland / uQualioisanall, Denmark/ Vent2U, Denmark / Sprout Dynamics ApS, Denmark / Open Hydro, Denmark /, Finland / Exaum, Finland / Syncc, Sweden / Atlas, Finland / Archr, Sweden / Lundoch Diagnostics, Sweden

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